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A Guide to Living in Arabian Ranches

Dubai, known for its luxurious residential communities, hosts Arabian Ranches, a prestigious gated villa community that has been captivating residents since its inception in 2004. Situated in Wadi Al Safa 6, along the prominent Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, and in close proximity to the renowned Dubai Global Village, Arabian Ranches offers an excellent selection of properties for sale and a lifestyle like no other. In this comprehensive area guide, we’ll explore this enchanting neighborhood, covering everything from the diverse neighborhoods and amenities to the unique highlights and exclusive villa communities within.

1. The Neighborhoods: Where Architecture Meets Lifestyle

Arabian Ranches is a community where architecture plays a significant role in defining the lifestyle. Two predominant architectural styles, Arabian and Spanish, create a distinctive atmosphere across various enclaves within the community. It’s important to note that these enclaves offer different amenities and lifestyle options.

Several sub-communities, such as Al Reem and Alvorada, are further divided, adding to the community’s diversity. While this diversity can initially appear complex, expert advice from those familiar with the area can guide you to find the perfect villa in the ideal neighborhood.

2. The Amenities: A World of Leisure and Recreation

Arabian Ranches is thoughtfully designed around the picturesque Arabian Ranches Golf Course. Crafted in collaboration with Australian golfing veteran Ian Baker-Finch and renowned golf course design firm Nicklaus Design, this course is a golfer’s paradise. Beautiful green pathways connect the various communities, offering residents easy access to parks, lakes, and playgrounds for children—a perfect setting for leisurely strolls and sunny weekend picnics. Nearby, you’ll discover the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, easily accessible from the community.

Arabian Ranches also contains its own community centre, a Mediclinic healthcare facility, and Jumeirah English Speaking School. The latter is considered to be one of the best schools in Dubai and is one of the main factors that makes this community so popular with families.

3. The Highlights: Exploring Exclusive Villa Communities

While many villas within Arabian Ranches are already occupied, several villa communities in the neighborhood currently have properties for sale. Here, we delve into four villa communities in Arabian Ranches that are worth considering for your Dubai home:

  • Aseel: Nestled at the heart of Arabian Ranches, Aseel offers breathtaking views overlooking the golf course. With a limited number of villas, Aseel showcases Spanish countryside charm with contemporary interiors and layouts ranging from four to seven bedrooms.
  • The Golf Homes: Unlike other villa communities, The Golf Homes are set right on the fairways of the golf course itself. Comprising 18 exclusive villas available as shell and core units, they feature three Spanish-inspired architectural styles and spacious plots of up to 27,000 sq ft.
  • Hattan: Located along the southern edge of the golf course, Hattan stands out for its modern Arabic design style, offering a choice of three color schemes and generous plot sizes. These villas feature marble flooring, high ceilings, and enclosed courtyards, making them a popular choice among new families.
  • Mirador La Coleccion: Situated on the southwestern border of the golf course, close to the Hattan neighborhood, Mirador La Coleccion boasts a classical Spanish aesthetic with bright exteriors, sloping tiled roofs, fireplaces, and chimneys for an authentic touch. High ceilings and bright interior palettes create stylish yet comfortable homes.

Arabian Ranches in Dubai is a testament to upscale living, offering an array of architectural styles, leisure amenities, and diverse villa communities. Whether you seek Spanish charm, golf course views, or modern Arabic design, this enchanting neighborhood has something exceptional to offer. With its convenient location, rich amenities, and exclusive villa options, Arabian Ranches continues to be a sought-after destination for residents and investors, elevating Dubai’s real estate landscape to new heights.

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